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11 March 2016

Guess Watch

Hello & assalamualaikum. Today I would like to introduce you a new product. It is called Guess Connect. It is a smart watch. The best thing about this product is it is compatible with iOS & Android! All you need is to pair it via Bluetooth. Nothing to worry about!

Here are some of the cool features that this product offers:-

1) Get notifications on your watch!

- Be notified of incoming calls, texts, emails, and social media alerts. By social media alerts, I meant Whatsapp messages, Facebook notifications, Twitter and more! Not only that, you can see a preview of your messages on the display. You can also send text messages with "speech-to-text" via the voice command. Since I am an iPhone user, I use Siri to send my text messages via voice command.

2) Music and camera!

- I really like the music mode on the watch. I get to change playlists, skip songs or play tracks using the voice command function of the watch. I don’t even have to take the phone out of my pocket! There is also a camera function on the watch that allows users to take photos with just a click of a button on the phone!

3) Custom Notifications

- This is one of my favourite features of the watch. I get to set a vibration pattern for each app I have on my phone. I can also choose which app I want alerts for! I can also choose to get notifications from just Whatsapp and phone callsThe customizable vibration patterns helps me instantly recognize what type of notifications I am receiving. 

4) Find your phone/Find your watch

- I like how I am able to find my phone using the watch and vice versa! If I am looking for my watch, I can use the phone to find it and my watch will sound off a melody so I can easily find it. Of course the watch has to be within the Bluetooth range.

Overall it is a really functional watch and it is stylish too! It also comes in brown leather strap version! The Guess Connect is priced at RM 1,499.

The following are the stores you can visit to check out the Guess Connect:

2. GUESS Mid Valley 
3. GUESS Sunway Pyramid 
4. GUESS Pavilion 
5. GUESS Accessories Pavilion 
6. Watch Engine, Avenue K 
7. Hang Thai Bangsar 
8. Watchshoppe Mid Valley 
9. Maxis KLCC
10. Maxis The Gardens
11. Maxis Sunway Pyramid
12. GUESS IOI City Mall Putrajaya 
13. GUESS One Utama
14. EIKO Watch KLCC 

For more information, you can also go to their website at :)

29 September 2015


Hello! I'm back with an exciting news! It is about DIGI WWWOW Award!

DIGI WWWOW Award ni adalah satu event dimana kita boleh nominate sesiapa yang kita suka on social medias by submitting their works that inspire you! Paling best kalau kita sendiri ada buat sesuatu kat social medias yang boleh inspire orang ramai, kita sendiri boleh nominate diri sendiri & why not kan? Asalkan you have got an idea on how to inspire people. Jangan lambat lambat! It is open from 14 Sept. to 12 Oct. 2015 only!

Ada beberapa category yang korang boleh masuk. Antaranya:-

1) Video & Photography
2) Social Influencers
3) Independent Publishers
4) Web E-Commerce
5) Mobile E-Commerce
6) Social Media E-Commerce
7) Social Impact
8) Social Movement

Nampak? Banyakkan peluang yang korang ada? 

As a social influencer like me, I would start up an online business which is doing social marketing in service area. I will use the amount of my followers to help others in expending their businesses to others. 

Kalau aku sendiri nak jual apa apa online pun boleh lagi senang. Jadi orang akan nampak yang aku gunakan social medias ni bukan sahaja untuk have fun tapi untuk mengisi masa lapang menjual barangan yanh berguna seperti buku puisi. Sebagai seorang pelajar, business online ni sangat la banyak memberi kelebihan. Boleh buat duit poket tambahan. 

Selain tu, bila dah berjaya sebagai seorang entrepreneur, aku boleh share ilmu aku kepada semua followers untuk inspire mereka memulakan business sendiri. Buktinya tak ada apa yang mustahil sebab aku sendiri dah berjaya!

Here is a photo of me doing my work online.

What are the prizes about? Jeng jeng jeng!

Jadi, korang boleh la pergi ke laman web untuk lebih info. Jangan tunggu lama lama. Nominate kawan kawan yang anda rasa layak dan kalau korang sendiri layak, join jangan tak join! #DGWWWOW

Watch "Digi #WWWOW2015 Awards. Are you the next Internet hero?" on YouTube -

12 September 2015

My New Favorite Jeans

Hello & assalamualaikum. I'm back with a new story to be told. 

Since some of you guys been asking me what jeans I'm wearing, guess what? I found a new comfortable jeans for myself by Uniqlo.

Some of the best things about this jeans are the comfortableness of it when you wear it. For a uni student like me, I wear the jeans for the whole day going to class & it is important for me for my look. It doesn't loose its shape & the color of the jeans is second to none. You can see at the photo below. 

I'm glad that I own this Uniqlo jeans. Hahaha. Go get yours. Don't miss it!